Brisbane Videographers

With Soul

Welcome to Wildkinds Studio, the buzzing heart of cinematic creativity nestled right in the midst of Brisbane’s vibrant landscape. Pioneered by Flynn Graham in 2022, we’re not your ordinary videography crew. Think of us as a quirky blend of filmmakers, wanderlust-driven adventurers, and full-on movie nerds, all bound together by one shared fervor: to craft riveting tales through our camera lenses.

Flynn, our founder, wove his magic with numbers in data analytics before jumping into the world of films. This gives us a unique edge—bringing a process driven approach to the art of storytelling. We’re keen to have a deeper connection with the awesome people and brands we work with—it’s kinda our thing.

Off-duty, you’ll catch us either engrossed in our favorite movies, drawing inspiration for our projects, or passionately investing our energy into our own films. Perhaps, it’s a dystopian narrative or a moving documentary about the healing power of art; we love unraveling the myriad facets of our world.

We Go With The Stories

Our commitment to crafting meaningful narratives transcends boundaries. Whether we’re capturing the essence of a brand in Brisbane, creating promotional content along the Gold Coast, or diving into online courses set against the backdrop of the Sunshine Coast, our approach remains consistent: to connect, engage, and inspire – in meaningful ways.

Diving deep into what makes us, well, us:

We champion the journey of growth—always advancing, always evolving. This dedication shapes both our professional endeavors and our personal pursuits of excellence.

With us, what you see is what you get. Genuine, transparent, and real, we’ve built an atmosphere where everyone, from our team to our clients, can be their unapologetically authentic selves.

Integrity to us is ensuring our actions echo our promises. Respect, honesty, and accountability are not just words to us—they’re the backbone of our interactions, be it with partners, clients, or amongst ourselves.

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